Sales conditions

1. Inquiries & Ordering

Whether requesting a quotation, wishing to discuss your requirements or placing the order please contact us and supply us with the following minimum information:

- Element name
- Isotope desired
- Minimum enrichment level
- Chemical form
- Quantity desired
- Delivery date requirement

Attention! Please, pay attention to the fact the minimum order can be placed not less than for total amount of 1000 Euro or equivalent of this amount in other currencies.

2. Shipping

Goods are usually shipped by courier services, sometimes the deliveries are done directly from Moscow via express air courier. We will be pleased to coordinate shipping details with your designated agents, as required. Delivery time is estimated as follows:

- Items in-stock, please allow 3 weeks following receipt of customer purchase order.

- Non-stocked items and large quantity requirements are subject to special agreement.

3. Payment terms

- Sales with established entities are normally made on "open account" basis.
- For all governmental institutions such as universities, research centers, hospitals etc. the payment term is wire transfer within 21 days after the delivery of the goods.
- All non-European and non-governmental institutions must provide 100% advance payment for the ordered goods.

4. Quality Assurance

The quality of all materials sold by our company is thoroughly controlled through the processes of separation and chemical conversion. Isotopic enrichment and chemical purity levels are measured using top-rated equipment including Secondary Neutral Mass-Spectrometers, Spark Source Mass Spectrometers, ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometry and the like. We believe that we have the processing capability to offer the highest enrichment levels available in the world today.

Products sold by our company are unconditionally guaranteed to meet or exceed the quoted terms, for 60 days following the date of invoice. We shall replace at our costs any goods that are proven not to meet the terms and conditions of our quotation.

5. Custom formulated compounds

Upon customer request and specification, customized compounds incorporating specific target isotopes can be synthesized.

6. Packing

The method of packing will be largely governed by the chemical form of the isotope. However we will attempt to accommodate any special customer packing requirements.

- Normally quantities from 5-100 mg are supplied in glass ampoules;
- Orders from 100 mg to 1 gram are supplied in capped 10 ml glass vials;
- Larger quantities are supplied in screw top plastic or stainless steel containers.
- Gases are supplied at up 10 atmosphere in stainless steel cylinders with ISO rated closures.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for additional information, to send us the message immediately, please, click HERE

We look forward for your inquires!