We do not publish prices due to the complexities involving desired enrichment levels and quantities, which can have a profound effect on pricing and established industry prevalence for discounting off "list prices". Rather than confuse the customer, we prefer to quote directly against the customers specifications.

Nevertheless we are prepared to provide immediate and 30-days binding quotation based upon your inquiries. Specific price quotations will normally depend upon the individual element , desired level of enrichment, quantity and whether the interest is in a "spot" purchase or long-term delivery commitment. Once we have been provided with the information, normally by e-mail or fax, you can be assured that we will promptly respond with detailed and competitively priced quotation.

Attention! Please, pay attention to the fact the minimum order can be placed not less than for total amount of 1000 Euro or equivalent of this amount in other currencies.

Please, whether placing orders, requesting a quotation or simply wishing to discuss the requirement, provide us with the following minimum information:

- Element name
- Isotope desired
- Minimum enrichment level
- Chemical form
- Quantity desired
- Delivery date requirements

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for additional information, to send us the message immediately, please, click HERE

We look forward for your inquires!